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            In 2019, it won the "civil nuclear safety equipment design certificate" and "civil nuclear safety equipment manufacturing certificate" issued by the state nuclear safety administration. It has applied for and obtained three utility model patents, including "an intelligent heating system", "a high-pressure plate heat exchanger plate", "an on-line decontamination device for heating pipe network".
            In 2018, it was awarded the participation unit of China spallation neutron source project, a major national science and technology infrastructure. In 2018, it was awarded as a small giant enterprise of science and technology in Jilin Province; In 2018, it won the re acquisition of high-tech enterprises again; It has applied for and obtained a utility model patent, such as "radiator with internal leakage prevention and temperature difference elimination". In 2014, it applied for the invention patent of "a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection multifunctional intelligent heat exchanger performance test system" in 2018.
            In 2017, it won the quality award of Jilin Province; In 2017, the safety registration certificate of plate replacement products was upgraded from A2 to A3, and the energy-saving registration certificate was obtained for plate replacement products; In 2017, it was awarded the 4A level enterprise plaque of good behavior in standardization issued by Jilin Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau; It has applied for and obtained a utility model patent such as "a flat corrugated plate heat exchanger".
            In 2016, it won the title of advanced scientific and technological innovation unit; Applied for and obtained a utility model patent such as "removable wide channel plate heat exchanger plate".
            In 2015, it won the title of "high tech enterprise" again; In 2015, the plate heat exchanger was awarded the title of "China's top ten brands"; In 2015, the plate heat exchanger unit won the famous brand product of Jilin Province; In 2015, it was certified by ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and GB / T28001 occupational health and safety system;
            In 2014, it was rated as a "contract abiding and trustworthy" enterprise by the State Administration for Industry and commerce; It has applied for and obtained a utility model patent such as "energy saving and environmental protection multi-functional intelligent heat exchanger performance test device".
            In 2013, it was awarded the innovative science and technology enterprise of Jilin Province; In 2013, it won the top 10 chemical heat exchange equipment enterprises in China; It has applied for and obtained seven utility model patents, such as "dust removal device of kiln built-in heat exchanger", "single channel built-in heat exchanger plate", "welded plate heat exchanger plate", "frame structure heat exchanger without welding components", "welded plate built-in plate shell heat exchanger", "radiator with heat compensation device", "built-in plate volume heat exchanger".
            In 2012, it won China's well-known trademark; It has applied for and obtained four utility model patents, such as "heat exchanger plate with enhanced hanging mouth", "aluminum heat exchanger using free vibration to prevent fatigue damage, anti scaling and anti scaling", "a sliding coupling device for assembling heat exchanger", and "welded plate heat exchanger". In 2008, it applied for the invention patent of "high temperature curing bonding method between gasket and plate in plate heat exchanger" in 2012.
            In 2011, it was awarded the quality credit enterprise of Jilin Province; In 2011, it was awarded the second level enterprise of safety production standardization; It has applied for and obtained two utility model patents, including "built-in heat exchanger for vertical industrial kiln", "built-in heat exchanger for vertical industrial kiln" and "unequal cross-section panel heat exchanger". In 2008, it applied for the invention patent of "manufacturing method of v-plate heat exchanger plate" in 2011.
            In 2010, V series plate heat exchanger was awarded famous brand product of Jilin Province; In 2010, "Vickers" trademark won the famous trademark of Jilin Province; It has applied for and obtained a patent of utility model such as "plate heat exchanger with large pitch and wide flow channel".
            In 2009, he won the "outstanding contribution award for the construction of Beijing Electron Positron Collider, a national major scientific project, issued by the Institute of high energy physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; It has applied for and obtained a utility model patent such as "monitoring plate heat exchanger".
            In 2008, it won the advanced quality management enterprise; Applied for and obtained a utility model patent such as "V-type plate heat exchanger". Awarded by the International Copper Industry Association and the national boiler and pressure vessel Standardization Technical Committee, the new product development contribution award of "new copper alloy plate heat exchanger" was awarded.
            In 2007, it obtained the "China Classification Society Type Approval Certificate" issued by China Classification Society and CE certification for entering the EU market; Obtained by the Jilin Province Industrial and commercial bank administration bureau, Jilin Province enterprise contract credit association "Jilin Province abides by the contract the credit unit" the certificate.
            In 2005, V-series plate heat exchanger was awarded the national key new product certificate issued by the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of Commerce, environmental protection administration and quality and Technology Supervision Bureau; Obtained the certificate of "Jilin Science and technology enterprise" issued by Jilin Provincial Department of science and technology.
            Siping Vickers heat exchanger Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It has obtained the qualification certificate of import and export enterprises of the people's Republic of China and the safety registration certification of the first batch of plate heat exchanger products. It has obtained the "D2 pressure vessel design license" and "D2 pressure vessel manufacturing license" issued by Jilin provincial quality and Technology Supervision Bureau.
            In 1995, it passed ISO9001 quality assurance system certification of China Quality Association; It has been selected as "technological progress pilot enterprise" by the Ministry of machinery industry of the people's Republic of China. It was named as "advanced unit of tax payment in 1994" by the branch directly under Siping State Taxation Bureau.
            In 1994, "large scale high efficiency plate heat exchanger" was rated as "excellent energy saving product of Jilin Province" by State Economic and Trade Commission, state planning and Economic Commission, and national science and Technology Commission; "Hbr0.38 welding heat exchanger" and "br0.8 high pressure unsupported plate heat exchanger" were selected as "excellent energy saving products of Jilin Province" by Jilin Provincial People's government; It was named as "advanced enterprise of realizing profit and tax" by Jilin Provincial People's government.
            Siping vikabo heat exchange equipment Co., Ltd., a Sino French joint venture, was established in 1993. The new plant site is located at No. 388, Nanyi Road, Tiedong District. The garden is a factory. The plant covers an area of 60000 square meters, the factory building area is 7500 square meters, and the Office building area is 3500 square meters. A complete set of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment imported from French vicabor company is introduced to produce the international advanced V series plate heat exchanger. Obtained the "D2 pressure vessel design license" issued by Jilin Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision; It was rated as "advanced high-tech enterprise implementing Torch Plan" by national science and Technology Commission. It was named as "advanced enterprise of realizing profit and tax" by Jilin Provincial People's government. "Br2.0 plate heat exchanger" was selected as "excellent energy saving product of Jilin Province" by Jilin Provincial People's government;
            In 1992, it obtained the "D2 class pressure vessel manufacturing license" issued by Jilin Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision. "Br0.2a plate heat exchanger" has been rated as "provincial quality product" by the Ministry of machinery industry of the people's Republic of China. At the same time, it was selected as "the second prize of provincial scientific and technological achievements" by Jilin Provincial Department of machinery industry; "Br1.4 plate heat exchanger" was selected as the "third prize of provincial scientific and technological achievements" by Jilin Provincial Department of machinery industry; It was named as "advanced enterprise of realizing profit and tax" by Jilin Provincial People's government.
            In 1991, it was awarded the first place of "per capita profit and tax" in heavy mining machinery industry by the Ministry of machinery industry. Obtained the "enterprise standardization certificate" issued by the State Bureau of technical supervision. It was named "Jihua type enterprise" by Jilin Provincial People's government. "Xueshan brand" br0.1, 0.2A, 0.3A plate heat exchanger was named "provincial quality product" by Jilin provincial government.
            In 1990, it was named "advanced enterprise of total quality management" by Jilin machinery industry department.
            In 1989, it was rated as "national secondary enterprise" by the enterprise management Steering Committee of the State Council "Br0.2a plate heat exchanger" was named "provincial quality product" by Jilin provincial government.
            In 1988, it was named "provincial advanced enterprise" by Jilin Provincial People's government. It is named as "quality management award" enterprise by Jilin machinery industry department.
            In 1987, it was awarded the title of "advanced unit for localization of imported spare parts" by the Ministry of metallurgical industry. "GC cooler" was named "provincial quality product" by Jilin provincial government.
            In 1984, "br0.3a plate heat exchanger" was selected as "the third prize of provincial scientific and technological achievements" by Jilin Provincial Department of machinery industry;
            Siping heat exchanger general plant was established in 1983, with a plant area of 2100 square meters and an office building area of 1100 square meters.
            Specializing in the production of all kinds of heat exchanger and pressure vessel products
            0434-3335215 / 3335717
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